Renting a car at Economy Car Rentals in Orange County



One of the best companies for car renting in Orange County is Economy Car Rentals. This orange county car rental is not the cheapest company but it does offer some additional options when it comes to car durability and some interesting stuff which are included in price. If you are traveling on a plane and you need to land in John Wayne Airport in Orange County and you are in the need of a car, then this is a really good company for you. You can arrange with company managers that someone drives the car directly to airport and from that point you can start using it. Minimum age is 21 in order to drive a car.
Some of the additional equipment that you can order is Baby Child seat, you can ask for an allowance for an additional driver if the two are supposed to drive the car. At some point you can even get a free Cross Border Card for Canada. There is a Navigation System and you can order Ski Rack so you can transport you Ski gear safely. One of the best things is that you can get unlimited mileage. You can choose which one of these additional features you require. Automatic transmission and air conditioning are features which are included almost in any car.



When considering cars, all of them are in a really good shape and condition. Most of them are new and have very good reviews. Of course, this comes for a good price. Cars are not under 40$ per day. Some of the most popular cars are economy cars like Kia Rio models with four seats or compact ones like Nissan Versa Note. Toyota Corolla is a very good choice if you need a good, strong car and big space for passengers and luggage. There are all sorts of SUVs like Toyota Rav4 or Hyundai Santa Fe but these are really expensive. Big cars do come with a big price. Dodge Grand Caravan is great minivan with seven seats and huge space for passengers and luggage. This is a great vehicle when you are on a holiday with you family. Renting prices for minivans in Orange County are in a range of 250$ to 270$.
There are all sorts of discounts depending on the time in which you order your car. Economy Car Rentals will allow you to save over 10% of the price if you pick the right time. Prices of cars were increased in the past years and that made a big problem for companies. They can’t get cars on discounts as a rental companies but they have to buy them at full price. This means that customers will pay that increase.

Check the insurance policy when you are renting a car and try to pick a suitable car for you. Most of the time you need to buy your own insurance and there you can lose money. This question varies from driver to driver and should be carefully considered. Drive safely!


Luxury car rentals in Los Angeles



If you are looking for luxury car rentals in Los Angeles, then Gothamdreamcars is probably the best company for you. They are offering a real fleet of luxury and exotic cars. Most popular cars are Bentley Continental, Audi A5, Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette Stingray C7 and many others.

There are few rules that you must agree with before driving off. You have to be at least 21 year old with clean driving record and the driver must be present at the start of the rental.

ferrari-458-italia_1527576iIt is absolutely required to have insurance policy in a case of an accident. The simplest thing is to bring your own insurance if you have your own car. Most of the time full insurance package is needed. The best thing here is that insurance companies guarantee you insurance no matter what car you are really driving. You can drive VW and smash into Lamborghini and still be covered. Additional layers of protection can be acquired through American Express card because they are offering Premium Car Rental Protection which is a great thing.

All vehicles are available to international visitors and tourists. They have to own a valid passport and a drivers licence from their own country. Your international insurance can be covered only for two days so if you are international renter, it will be demanded from you to deposit more in a range of 5,000$ to 15,000$.

Good thing about luxury car rentals Los Angeles company is that additional driver has to be listed for free and additional driver must submit a driver’s licence and has to be at least 21 years old. Of course, he has to have a valid record with no violations.

You should return your car at the specific time. They are offering you one hour plus after your rental expiration. If you are more than one hour late, you will be subject to additional rental bills. This happens in the case when customer does not have it back in the right time, their entire schedule is mixed up.



Renters have to leave some deposit or credit card authorisation in order to guarantee that they won’t avoid bills in event of some damage or crash. If there is any crash or damage then money from your deposit will be taken to pay the bills of repair. It is good to have insurance in these situations.

When you make reservation, that means that you will be certainly show up and drive the car. After reservation, you will be charged automatically  for the full cost of the rental. This comes with no exceptions and is a little bit a bad things. Make up your mind in advance whether you are able to get to the car or not because these policies are really Draconian measures. Even, if you make a reservation in advance for let’s say seven days, if you want to cancel it for some reason, you need to do that seven days in advance and they will refund you 50% of you rental price. Think again when it comes to these luxurious cars and their companies policies.


Few rental cars policies that you don’t know about



There are all sorts of companies which rent cars. You can rent a regular, family car for your family vacation or if you have big wallet, some luxurious car in order to acquire all the fun. You do need to know some really bad stuff and bad policies when it comes to renting. There are really some good tips in order to get good car at a lower price. At one point you think that car renting is a really simple thing but these companies have quite an arsenal off policies in order to get as much as money they can from you.

Did you know about their weather policy? Well this means that when you make your reservations, you will be definitely driving that car in the near future. Cancellation is impossible and no matter what weather is outside. They are offering some extensions to renting if it is snowing hard or tornado comes up. They are offering this only to insure that their car won’t be destroyed and they are allowing you to drive your car for an additional day with no cost. When it comes to flexibility these rental companies are really bad.

164644284_XSFuel policies are also intriguing. You can fuel the car up or you can return it empty. All cars run on specific gasoline because they are making contracts with all sorts of companies. So they are ensuring that they have an excellent grade gasoline in their cars tanks but also they are making some small profit on it and it is very expensive thing returning the car with full tank but even more expensive fuelling it with some low quality gasoline. They will know about the quality and even charge you with a fee for disobeying this rule.

As I mentioned before they do not offer refunds of any sorts. Only thing that they can do for you is to expand your rent for a few days or in the event of mechanical failure or some unforeseen problems companies will replace your car with an even better model at no additional cost. This is happening very rarely. Hence, rent luxury cars Los Angeles can be quite expensive.

One thing that does make sense is that you cannot leave the specific state of you rental without an approval. For instance, if you rent a car in Los Angeles you cannot leave California.

There are also all sorts of prohibited uses that rentals don’t pay attention to them. You need to have a valid driver’s licence, so you will have problems if it is suspended. You shouldn’t use it for any illegal actions or speed violations. In the case of speed violations you need to pay a full price for fees, and bills. That means for parking and other sorts of traffic violations. You need to pay attention to mileage where you are normally allowed up to one hundred miles per day. If you disobey this you will be additionally charged.

These are few things on what renters don’t pay much attention. So keep these things in mind when you are renting a car. It can pay up, really well.


Comparing the Enterprise, Herts and Avis companies in Orange County


These are the most popular companies for renting cars in Orange County, CA. The best way to tell the difference between the three is to compare cars that they are offering and what policies they implement in order to get the best quality rent a car company.

maxresdefault (12)One of the most popular economy cars of all the rentals is probably Chevy Aveo. It can be found at ThisLosAngeles. This is very cheap car for a renting and very reliable one. Both cars have Automatic Transmission and both companies are offering unlimited mileage. Renting in Enterprise costs 593$ per month while renting in Avis costs 670$ per month. This is very big difference in prices when it comes to economy rentals. In few other cases Enterprise renting cars are cheaper and they are the same cars. This is why the Enterprise is definitely more popular. Cost of the Chevy Aveo in Hertz is similar to Enterprise.
The greatest advantage when you are renting in these companies is that in the case of car damage company pays a repair for a maximum amount of thirty five thousand dollars. The second benefit is that all drivers can drive the car. For example, if a family travels and the main driver is tired then an additional one can replace him without problems. There is the basic collision protection and this doesn’t count as insurance so this is great thing.

Enterprise Jobs
Renting cars in Hertz can be sometimes called a really good deal because they have very good discounts occasionally. Enterprise and especially Avis are huge multinational companies and they care for profit. For instance Chevy Impala in Hertz costs 694$ while in Enterprise is 723$ and in Avis you can get it for 800$. Cars which are generally cheaper in Hertz are Nissan Maxima, Ford Escape SUV, and Chrysler 200 etc.
Hertz_Flughafenstation_300d_16x9_460x250This data can really help you when you are trying to rent a car anywhere. Simply, they are competition to one another and the bigger the competition, the smaller the prices. Sometimes the best thing is to go to some local renting car company. There you will save money, definitely. If you want quality and reliability on the other hand, you can’t miss these companies. Companies have basically the same cars in their arsenal, so the price is really the judge when it comes to choosing.
The other thing when it comes to these multinational companies is big taxes if you are renting your car on the airport. This can sometimes be one sixth of the renting price. The other bad things are that they do not allow you to put your own gasoline in the car. So no matter how much you travel you will always leave some gasoline in the tank and they will use it for their own purposes. There is one company that should also be in this category and that is Economy. It is very similar to Enterprise when it comes to policies and car quality and even prices. So keep an eye on these things.


Luxury car rental in Los Angeles



In Los Angeles you can always rent a car. There are companies like http://thislosangeles.com But if you can’t make a decision between Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class, here are some advices.
Porsche Panamera is a luxury car that was made in Germany. If you’re looking for comfort then Porsche Panamera is what you are looking for. It has four doors, and the wheel can be on any side, but you have to ask in advance because booking it is very hard.
How awesome is this car? Some cars today are designed that wheel is only on right side and you don’t have any modes of the same car with the wheel side changed. He has an engine with 3.6 l V6 and 300hp.
This car is one of the most popular rented cars in whole Los Angeles. It also has a navigation system so you can’t be lost in this big city. Today this little beast costs US$2,800, and you can rent it in Los Angles only for $199/Hr. so you can enjoy in this beautiful car as much as you want for a very good price.
Than on the other side we have Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class.

This car was made from 1997 to 2009, and he looks very good. This car was presented in two generations. The first one was very good because of the new technology in that time. They worked on it and made it to look like the car from our dreams. The car was very interesting because of the roof. The roof was made so that you can put it down when the weather allows it. Its engine is 6.0 L V12 with 582 hp. It’s a really good sports car. Later, this model was used for racing cars and it was made in Germany, so the Germans have used it for races. Today it costs from $95,650, and you can also rent him for $199/Hr…
Now, you must to decide which from these two beauties you will use for your trip in Los Angeles. Porsche can give you the comfort that you need, and if you want really nice looking one, then Mercedes is the lucky one. Whatever type of a car you want, the “Rent a car” companies can give you.
I also want to tell you that most of the tourists rents the mini car called “T Rex”. This little monster has only three wheels, and it hasn’t any doors.
You can feel like there are no more rules in this world and you can enjoy the craziest little monster machine.

When you rent a car in Los Angeles, it is more than just a regular car driving. You can enjoy and feel powerful in these really comfortable and strong machines. You can just put down your window, turn the music loud and drive the best cars in this luxury city. The feeling you will never forget, and this city can be magical only if you enjoying in the newest cars in whole world.