These are the most popular companies for renting cars in Orange County, CA. The best way to tell the difference between the three is to compare cars that they are offering and what policies they implement in order to get the best quality rent a car company.

maxresdefault (12)One of the most popular economy cars of all the rentals is probably Chevy Aveo. It can be found at ThisLosAngeles. This is very cheap car for a renting and very reliable one. Both cars have Automatic Transmission and both companies are offering unlimited mileage. Renting in Enterprise costs 593$ per month while renting in Avis costs 670$ per month. This is very big difference in prices when it comes to economy rentals. In few other cases Enterprise renting cars are cheaper and they are the same cars. This is why the Enterprise is definitely more popular. Cost of the Chevy Aveo in Hertz is similar to Enterprise.
The greatest advantage when you are renting in these companies is that in the case of car damage company pays a repair for a maximum amount of thirty five thousand dollars. The second benefit is that all drivers can drive the car. For example, if a family travels and the main driver is tired then an additional one can replace him without problems. There is the basic collision protection and this doesn’t count as insurance so this is great thing.

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Renting cars in Hertz can be sometimes called a really good deal because they have very good discounts occasionally. Enterprise and especially Avis are huge multinational companies and they care for profit. For instance Chevy Impala in Hertz costs 694$ while in Enterprise is 723$ and in Avis you can get it for 800$. Cars which are generally cheaper in Hertz are Nissan Maxima, Ford Escape SUV, and Chrysler 200 etc.
Hertz_Flughafenstation_300d_16x9_460x250This data can really help you when you are trying to rent a car anywhere. Simply, they are competition to one another and the bigger the competition, the smaller the prices. Sometimes the best thing is to go to some local renting car company. There you will save money, definitely. If you want quality and reliability on the other hand, you can’t miss these companies. Companies have basically the same cars in their arsenal, so the price is really the judge when it comes to choosing.
The other thing when it comes to these multinational companies is big taxes if you are renting your car on the airport. This can sometimes be one sixth of the renting price. The other bad things are that they do not allow you to put your own gasoline in the car. So no matter how much you travel you will always leave some gasoline in the tank and they will use it for their own purposes. There is one company that should also be in this category and that is Economy. It is very similar to Enterprise when it comes to policies and car quality and even prices. So keep an eye on these things.