If you are looking for luxury car rentals in Los Angeles, then Gothamdreamcars is probably the best company for you. They are offering a real fleet of luxury and exotic cars. Most popular cars are Bentley Continental, Audi A5, Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette Stingray C7 and many others.

There are few rules that you must agree with before driving off. You have to be at least 21 year old with clean driving record and the driver must be present at the start of the rental.

ferrari-458-italia_1527576iIt is absolutely required to have insurance policy in a case of an accident. The simplest thing is to bring your own insurance if you have your own car. Most of the time full insurance package is needed. The best thing here is that insurance companies guarantee you insurance no matter what car you are really driving. You can drive VW and smash into Lamborghini and still be covered. Additional layers of protection can be acquired through American Express card because they are offering Premium Car Rental Protection which is a great thing.

All vehicles are available to international visitors and tourists. They have to own a valid passport and a drivers licence from their own country. Your international insurance can be covered only for two days so if you are international renter, it will be demanded from you to deposit more in a range of 5,000$ to 15,000$.

Good thing about luxury car rentals Los Angeles company is that additional driver has to be listed for free and additional driver must submit a driver’s licence and has to be at least 21 years old. Of course, he has to have a valid record with no violations.

You should return your car at the specific time. They are offering you one hour plus after your rental expiration. If you are more than one hour late, you will be subject to additional rental bills. This happens in the case when customer does not have it back in the right time, their entire schedule is mixed up.



Renters have to leave some deposit or credit card authorisation in order to guarantee that they won’t avoid bills in event of some damage or crash. If there is any crash or damage then money from your deposit will be taken to pay the bills of repair. It is good to have insurance in these situations.

When you make reservation, that means that you will be certainly show up and drive the car. After reservation, you will be charged automatically  for the full cost of the rental. This comes with no exceptions and is a little bit a bad things. Make up your mind in advance whether you are able to get to the car or not because these policies are really Draconian measures. Even, if you make a reservation in advance for let’s say seven days, if you want to cancel it for some reason, you need to do that seven days in advance and they will refund you 50% of you rental price. Think again when it comes to these luxurious cars and their companies policies.