In Los Angeles you can always rent a car. There are companies like But if you can’t make a decision between Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class, here are some advices.
Porsche Panamera is a luxury car that was made in Germany. If you’re looking for comfort then Porsche Panamera is what you are looking for. It has four doors, and the wheel can be on any side, but you have to ask in advance because booking it is very hard.
How awesome is this car? Some cars today are designed that wheel is only on right side and you don’t have any modes of the same car with the wheel side changed. He has an engine with 3.6 l V6 and 300hp.
This car is one of the most popular rented cars in whole Los Angeles. It also has a navigation system so you can’t be lost in this big city. Today this little beast costs US$2,800, and you can rent it in Los Angles only for $199/Hr. so you can enjoy in this beautiful car as much as you want for a very good price.
Than on the other side we have Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class.

This car was made from 1997 to 2009, and he looks very good. This car was presented in two generations. The first one was very good because of the new technology in that time. They worked on it and made it to look like the car from our dreams. The car was very interesting because of the roof. The roof was made so that you can put it down when the weather allows it. Its engine is 6.0 L V12 with 582 hp. It’s a really good sports car. Later, this model was used for racing cars and it was made in Germany, so the Germans have used it for races. Today it costs from $95,650, and you can also rent him for $199/Hr…
Now, you must to decide which from these two beauties you will use for your trip in Los Angeles. Porsche can give you the comfort that you need, and if you want really nice looking one, then Mercedes is the lucky one. Whatever type of a car you want, the “Rent a car” companies can give you.
I also want to tell you that most of the tourists rents the mini car called “T Rex”. This little monster has only three wheels, and it hasn’t any doors.
You can feel like there are no more rules in this world and you can enjoy the craziest little monster machine.

When you rent a car in Los Angeles, it is more than just a regular car driving. You can enjoy and feel powerful in these really comfortable and strong machines. You can just put down your window, turn the music loud and drive the best cars in this luxury city. The feeling you will never forget, and this city can be magical only if you enjoying in the newest cars in whole world.