One of the best companies for car renting in Orange County is Economy Car Rentals. This orange county car rental is not the cheapest company but it does offer some additional options when it comes to car durability and some interesting stuff which are included in price. If you are traveling on a plane and you need to land in John Wayne Airport in Orange County and you are in the need of a car, then this is a really good company for you. You can arrange with company managers that someone drives the car directly to airport and from that point you can start using it. Minimum age is 21 in order to drive a car.
Some of the additional equipment that you can order is Baby Child seat, you can ask for an allowance for an additional driver if the two are supposed to drive the car. At some point you can even get a free Cross Border Card for Canada. There is a Navigation System and you can order Ski Rack so you can transport you Ski gear safely. One of the best things is that you can get unlimited mileage. You can choose which one of these additional features you require. Automatic transmission and air conditioning are features which are included almost in any car.



When considering cars, all of them are in a really good shape and condition. Most of them are new and have very good reviews. Of course, this comes for a good price. Cars are not under 40$ per day. Some of the most popular cars are economy cars like Kia Rio models with four seats or compact ones like Nissan Versa Note. Toyota Corolla is a very good choice if you need a good, strong car and big space for passengers and luggage. There are all sorts of SUVs like Toyota Rav4 or Hyundai Santa Fe but these are really expensive. Big cars do come with a big price. Dodge Grand Caravan is great minivan with seven seats and huge space for passengers and luggage. This is a great vehicle when you are on a holiday with you family. Renting prices for minivans in Orange County are in a range of 250$ to 270$.
There are all sorts of discounts depending on the time in which you order your car. Economy Car Rentals will allow you to save over 10% of the price if you pick the right time. Prices of cars were increased in the past years and that made a big problem for companies. They can’t get cars on discounts as a rental companies but they have to buy them at full price. This means that customers will pay that increase.

Check the insurance policy when you are renting a car and try to pick a suitable car for you. Most of the time you need to buy your own insurance and there you can lose money. This question varies from driver to driver and should be carefully considered. Drive safely!